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Monthly Archives: October 2011

cherry blossom

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so i will be taking requests for nail designs. the first request ive received is nhl team logos. *sigh*. well how else can you get boys interested in nails?! so i sat down to do a toronto maple leafs design and somehow wound up with this.  close..but not quite.  i think i didnt quite nail (heh heh..ugh) the branches but i like the flowers and the little pink and white petals falling in the background, which is baby blue.  and see?  i promised the photography would improve. at least its not fuzzy.


skinny brushes

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skinny brushes are key for doing awesome nail designs. i found a bunch at winners, but you can also get them at wal mart and trade secrets and stuff. here are some random nails i did using skinny brushes.

these i did in Vancouver. the black half moons were done using the skinny brush.

these i did for my cousin’s wedding.

this pic is fuzzy but the design was so neat!!!  beige background, white and black stripes. did this for steph at the cottage too!!

beige with black looks so classy. but this design is weird, which is a neat contrast with the classy colours. Again, the photo is crap quality but now i have a new camera so my new nail posts will look good.


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i just did these today! of course, just before i was about to take pics of them, i smudged one.. so annoying!!  i like how it looks comic-booky with the black outline but it was soooo hard! i was shaking so much! it was really hard to get a clean line.  what are some other 4 or 5 letter words with opposites?

art deco

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i wikipedia-d ‘art deco’ to see if this was an accurate way to describe these. according to wikipedia, “Art-deco design influences were expressed in the crystalline and faceted forms of decorative Cubism and Futurism. Other popular themes of Art Deco were trapezoidal, zigzagged, geometric, and jumbled shapes” (wikipedia, 2011).  so im taking that to mean yes. i kind of didnt like how this turned out, i would do it again but maybe simplify my colour scheme. maybe only do one or 2 colours along with the black-grey-white.

favourite design ever!!!!

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i was inspired to do these by several awesome nail artists on the internet..i took elements that i liked from a few different sources and came up with this!!  fave design ever!! ooo but i got into troubs at work cuz of these!!!  i was so proud of them i wore them to work, which isnt really allowed but whatever, everyone does it. i was talking to my team leader, and there were about 3 other people in the room. So there i was, talking and gesturing with my hands, and she interrupts me and says, “excuse me. just how do you expect anyone around here to take you seriously”….(at this point everyone stops talking, turns and looks at me, i turned bright red and thought i was about to get in trouble for the question i was asking)…”with those NAILS!!!” and she burst out laughing and wanted to see them. so she was kidding, but i was horrified at almost being yelled at in front of my colleagues and booted it out of there pretty fast. i still wear awesome nail polish to work. i always make sure to show my team leader.

water marbling

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the first time i ever saw water marbled nails was on jackie storie, at a wedding. she did an amazing job, so i youtubed it and tried it myself. ive never really been able to execute it that well!!  (or photograph it that well.. sorry about that).  i always have problems with it.. not to mention that its time and labour intensive! it probably takes about an hour and a half to plan your colours, prep your nails and equipment, tape the skin around your nails, do the marbling, and clean up.  also, i know there are some detractors out there in the nail blogging world that arent really fans of nail marbling.. but if its done well it looks really neat and no one can ever figure out how you did it!!!



kawaii nails

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kawaii means cute in japanese. i am obsessed with kawaii designs! when gwen stefani came along and started exploiting japanese street culture with her harajuku girls it kind of ruined it for me, but i still love adorable little guys like rilakkuma, hello kitty, keroppi, and various other sanrio characters.  claire did these for me a few thanksgivings ago. the edges are a little messy but the idea evokes kawaii nails, i think.

I tried to do something similar recently, but i didnt like it and took it off. I was using my new tiny paintbrushes and I was able to get a lot of detail in the designs, but i actually felt that in terms of nail art, it was like cheating!! my sister is a talented artist and was able to do a lot of detail in the designs above with a regular brush, but i was using specialized tools.. i just felt that was cheating! thats why im not really into nail art that involves stickers, tattoos, stamps, or stencils. its prefabricated.  anyway, here is what i did.