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favourite design ever!!!!

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i was inspired to do these by several awesome nail artists on the internet..i took elements that i liked from a few different sources and came up with this!!  fave design ever!! ooo but i got into troubs at work cuz of these!!!  i was so proud of them i wore them to work, which isnt really allowed but whatever, everyone does it. i was talking to my team leader, and there were about 3 other people in the room. So there i was, talking and gesturing with my hands, and she interrupts me and says, “excuse me. just how do you expect anyone around here to take you seriously”….(at this point everyone stops talking, turns and looks at me, i turned bright red and thought i was about to get in trouble for the question i was asking)…”with those NAILS!!!” and she burst out laughing and wanted to see them. so she was kidding, but i was horrified at almost being yelled at in front of my colleagues and booted it out of there pretty fast. i still wear awesome nail polish to work. i always make sure to show my team leader.


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