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kawaii means cute in japanese. i am obsessed with kawaii designs! when gwen stefani came along and started exploiting japanese street culture with her harajuku girls it kind of ruined it for me, but i still love adorable little guys like rilakkuma, hello kitty, keroppi, and various other sanrio characters.  claire did these for me a few thanksgivings ago. the edges are a little messy but the idea evokes kawaii nails, i think.

I tried to do something similar recently, but i didnt like it and took it off. I was using my new tiny paintbrushes and I was able to get a lot of detail in the designs, but i actually felt that in terms of nail art, it was like cheating!! my sister is a talented artist and was able to do a lot of detail in the designs above with a regular brush, but i was using specialized tools.. i just felt that was cheating! thats why im not really into nail art that involves stickers, tattoos, stamps, or stencils. its prefabricated.  anyway, here is what i did.



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  1. aw, thanks for the props! you forgot to mention that we did use specialized tools when we did this – toothpicks!


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