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so french manicures are really pretty, but not exactly the cutting edge of nail design.  this is my idea of a french manicure  2.0. The tip is reaaaaally thin and follows the curve of the nail. a rounded shape is best for this look, as opposed to square which is your typical french shape.  actually its best not to even think of this as a french manicure. its just grey with a skinny strip of pink.  love those colours together. (contrary to what my uncle joe thinks, its not green and pink.)


this next design is also kinda edgy. its actually kind of evil and scary! minus the sparkly bows.  those are my fave part. yes, they are kind of annoying to have on your fingers cuz im constantly worried they’ll break off. im putting off washing my hair. cant do that forever! i got them to stick on without using nail glue, just painted the black on really thick, stuck em on, and sealed em in with a clear topcoat. so far they have survived one night, ill let you know how long they end up lasting.  anyway, i had meant to do this design symmetrically on each hand, but i got confused and inverted it. it actually looks neat like that.



i love bows, they are super cute. i wish i could have real fabric bows attached to the ends of each of my nails, that would look like the cutest thing ever, but since its rather impractical, not to mention a tad unhygienic, (how would you wash your hands? theyd be wet for an hour!) i painted sparkly red bows, (slightly askew to reference hello kitty bows) with nude nails. the nude itself is a bit shimmery and also is from revlon’s scented collection and smells like peaches for a day or 2. i dont recommend sniffing them when still wet though=headache. i didnt do it im just sayin. again, i outlined them in black for a slightly more cartoonish look. i am soooo frustrated that you cant tell how sparkly the bows are in pictures!!!  i swear they are sparkly like dorothy’s shoes!  i included a pic of the bottle for proof.  my buddy michele gave me this bottle, it was so funny cuz just the day before i was like, ‘i really would love a sparkly red polish, with which to make bows, but alas i dont have one”. and then, bam!  true story!!!


i like nails that are all different.. it gives you a chance to try out new designs without committing to ten of them.  in order not to make the overall effect too random/to maintain some unity/add order to the chaos, the trick with all-different nails is the same as mixing patterns in clothing.. if you ever watched queer eye/straight guy (which i didnt really but we’ve all seen an ep or two..) the rule is: mix patterns but match colours! i like to ‘match’ the same fingers on opposing hands.  but not always.. (see L thumb-R index). also, matching (or if not matching, then loosely following) shapes is good too. i did vertical lines on my L pointer, so i did a similarly geometrical and stripey plaid pattern on my R pointer. and they both featured neon colours. what, you thought that was coincidence? thats why this took me about 3 hours. (omg!)  ooo, i also wanted to mention, the newest most awesome nail trend that im into at the moment… leaving some of yr nail nude!!!! it looks sooo cool to do some colour and leave the rest blank, i think its like a sexy cutout dress! (refer to L and R ring). Right???!!! you can do this with shapes, like i did, or an image, which i dont have an example of but imagine the last posts’ cupcakes but with no yellow background, just shiny clear polish??  does anyone else think thats as awesome as i think it is?




i am a little surprised its taken me this long to have cupcake nails!! well, exclusively cupcaked nails anyways. I think i really like the look of outlining things in black. it really makes the image pop and it also gives it a cartoonish look.  its soooo hard to do it on my right hand though, so usually the black outline looks thicker and possibly more squiggly. maybe with practice that will improve. these were super cute cuz i even topped the cuppies with sprinkes by adding rainbow sparkly nailpolish to just the icing. its really hard to make sparkles evident in photographs though.


halloween is my favourite holiday! i love dressing up! Richard and i neeeever hang out on halloween but since we were gonna be together this time he really wanted to have a ‘couples costume’, so we went as little red riding hood and the wolf.  i did my nails to match, with little red on one hand and the wolf on the other, amidst a snowy black forest, obvi.  i cant take credit for the concept, but it turned out really neat and the little girl is sooooooooooo cute!!!!!  i was so sad to take this off.

lost my usb cable!!

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i have had my new phone for 3 weeks and i already lost the usb cable it came with, which means i cant put my halloween nails or my newest nails up yet. i promise to update as soon as i get it back, should be another 2 weeks or so.  😦  by then i’ll prlly have tons of new nails to add though!!