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i love bows, they are super cute. i wish i could have real fabric bows attached to the ends of each of my nails, that would look like the cutest thing ever, but since its rather impractical, not to mention a tad unhygienic, (how would you wash your hands? theyd be wet for an hour!) i painted sparkly red bows, (slightly askew to reference hello kitty bows) with nude nails. the nude itself is a bit shimmery and also is from revlon’s scented collection and smells like peaches for a day or 2. i dont recommend sniffing them when still wet though=headache. i didnt do it im just sayin. again, i outlined them in black for a slightly more cartoonish look. i am soooo frustrated that you cant tell how sparkly the bows are in pictures!!!  i swear they are sparkly like dorothy’s shoes!  i included a pic of the bottle for proof.  my buddy michele gave me this bottle, it was so funny cuz just the day before i was like, ‘i really would love a sparkly red polish, with which to make bows, but alas i dont have one”. and then, bam!  true story!!!


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  1. your to funny and have way too much time on your hands. knuckle head

    luv u



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