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i like nails that are all different.. it gives you a chance to try out new designs without committing to ten of them.  in order not to make the overall effect too random/to maintain some unity/add order to the chaos, the trick with all-different nails is the same as mixing patterns in clothing.. if you ever watched queer eye/straight guy (which i didnt really but we’ve all seen an ep or two..) the rule is: mix patterns but match colours! i like to ‘match’ the same fingers on opposing hands.  but not always.. (see L thumb-R index). also, matching (or if not matching, then loosely following) shapes is good too. i did vertical lines on my L pointer, so i did a similarly geometrical and stripey plaid pattern on my R pointer. and they both featured neon colours. what, you thought that was coincidence? thats why this took me about 3 hours. (omg!)  ooo, i also wanted to mention, the newest most awesome nail trend that im into at the moment… leaving some of yr nail nude!!!! it looks sooo cool to do some colour and leave the rest blank, i think its like a sexy cutout dress! (refer to L and R ring). Right???!!! you can do this with shapes, like i did, or an image, which i dont have an example of but imagine the last posts’ cupcakes but with no yellow background, just shiny clear polish??  does anyone else think thats as awesome as i think it is?




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