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so french manicures are really pretty, but not exactly the cutting edge of nail design.  this is my idea of a french manicure  2.0. The tip is reaaaaally thin and follows the curve of the nail. a rounded shape is best for this look, as opposed to square which is your typical french shape.  actually its best not to even think of this as a french manicure. its just grey with a skinny strip of pink.  love those colours together. (contrary to what my uncle joe thinks, its not green and pink.)


this next design is also kinda edgy. its actually kind of evil and scary! minus the sparkly bows.  those are my fave part. yes, they are kind of annoying to have on your fingers cuz im constantly worried they’ll break off. im putting off washing my hair. cant do that forever! i got them to stick on without using nail glue, just painted the black on really thick, stuck em on, and sealed em in with a clear topcoat. so far they have survived one night, ill let you know how long they end up lasting.  anyway, i had meant to do this design symmetrically on each hand, but i got confused and inverted it. it actually looks neat like that.


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  1. what happens if you put a bow on each finger????


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