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Monthly Archives: December 2011

winter nails

Im really not one for all-out, red and green, glittery tacky santa-and-rudolph christmas-themed nails. Not that some of my stuff isnt bordering on tacky.. but its kind of meant to be. actually i dont really think my nails are tacky. but i do think that christmas nails are. i dunno.. i heard a lot of ppl say this this year, and i feel the same way.. i just never really got into the christmas spirit until like, christmas eve. or maybe the bolahood christmas party, that was so fun! Anyways maybe i wasnt feeling christmassy, but i was feeling wintery, so i made winter nails that coincided with christmas. i like that they are blue and white, its clean rather than clashing, like red and green and gold or something would be. i forgot to do a base coat, so when i took it all off today my nails were stained blue.  let that be a lesson: with intense colours, you must use basecoat!! i added rhinestones (still not tacky!) and a topcoat of silver glitter to drive home the snowflakey idea.