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sick nails for spring

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ok its not spring, or anywhere near anything resembling spring, except for the mild temperatures leading to freezing rain that threaten to ruin my awesome upcoming ski weekend..fingers crossed we get mad pow pow instead. (not happening..but fingers still crossed). anyways, i was trying to think of a design that would showcase my new matte topcoat that had been lying unopened since i got it for christmas. then…i thought of the coolest thing ever…. mix nudes with neon!!!! omg so fresh for spring!!  right??? ok its been done.  for example:

see, this girl thought of it.

this girl, too.

someone thought ALL these nudes and neons looked awesome together!!! and they were right!!

so here’s the result, with the matte topcoat over top as the icing on the cake, cuz shiny would be boring but MATTE?? LIKE THAT IS SO. FRESH.  maybe i dont get out much. or i live in deep river.

so there it is. i was so proud of myself and how edgy i was until i came home the next day and was perusing one of many of my fave nail blogs, and, STILL WEARING THIS MANICURE, i saw this…

bitch stole my look!! welp.. i guess nothing is original. this is from


blue and gold

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i could not waaaaaait to get this super sparkly gold nailpolish!!  its really opaque, this is maybe 2 coats.  i just freehanded the navy blue chevrons, some of them i used my little tiny brush but then i got antsy and just used the regular brush.   the blue is sally hansons Navy Baby and its really nice and opaque w a bit of shimmer but actually not even really.  


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these nails is so fly.  i FINALLLLLY got to use my joe fresh nailpolish in Pink that i bought like a month ago. its the perfect cute baby pink! (sidenote: i checked the bottom of the bottle to see what the actual name of the polish was, it said PINK ROSE so i wasnt sure if it was ‘pink’ and in french its ‘rose’ or if its actually called pink rose. richard said i shouldnt tell that story cuz it makes me sound kind of dumb. haha. he didnt say it in a mean way though, i asked him.) anyways i was really looking forward to using it but i was a little disappointed in the lack of pigment; i had to use like 3-4 coats to prevent streaks. not sure if i will bother getting any other joe fresh polish. i love their clothes though. anyways i was totally loving this mani and then i RUINED it by accidently getting a piece of tape stuck to the stripey and leopard nails!!! in horror, i sloooooooooowly peeled it off,  but it didnt matter it was totally destroyed. i fixed it though! richard called me just after i had ruined it and i was so upset i hung up on him. hmmmm what else.. ok i really want to tell about the glittery stars on the thumbs. ok so i desperately wanted a geometrically perfect sparkly star. but i had no star stickers i cou ld use as a stencil. i seriously pondered this one for a while, trying different approaches (hence the tape incident). i really didnt want to freehand. but with my options running out i decided i had no choice. (im building suspense here). so i ended up dipping my tiny brush in clear polish, then in my pot of loose nail glitter, then painting on the star.  it was reaaaaaaally hard not to make it look like crap!  just as i finished, rich came home and said hed been to 2 stores in town and none of them sold nail stickers. as if he went all over town looking for star stickers!!! So cute.

update from last post: NOT sold on those nails pens 😡   if you use a topcoat, it gets really weirdly streaky, but if you dont, then the colour basically wipes off within a few hours, and by day 3 the colour was completely wiped off, except for the one i used topcoat on, which looked weird and streaky. boo.

china blue

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hayyyy! hope everyone in the toronto area enjoyed not shoveling their driveways this morning!! >:/  so.. i got a new toy the other day!  i had been eyeing those sally hansen nail pens for a while now.. but was hesitant to try them, probably because i am cheap and if you buy a nail accessory and it sucks then its a waste of money. and they also somewhat went against my initial mantra that some nail design tools are ‘cheating’, because they take away from the skill involved in creating intricate designs with bulkier tools. i still feel that way about konad nail stamping and stickers…but even that may change. anyways i looooooove the idea of doing the china blue pattern on nails.. yknow that pattern you see on dishes and teacups and stuff? yknow like —->

so this certainly isnt a copy but it evokes the general idea. what i liked about the nail pen was that the colour is matte which looks neat against the shiny white background. you can certainly do intricate designs, but i think you have to wait a loooooooooooooong time for your background colour to dry. mine was still tacky and the pen poked holes in the white, which ended up making it look textured which was fine but if you dont want that it needs to really really dry. also because of this it was hard to draw smooth lines because the pen kept skipping, yknow what i mean?  i am def gonna get more of these pens, they’ll make outlining things in black look really nice i think.

haha.. by the time i got to the pinky on my right hand, i was basically just scribbling. mah well it was fun.  xo

new stuff

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so i mentioned before i got some fun new nail stuff for christmas. i used it today and thought id show you. its funny cuz you probably cant tell that i specifically used any of it.  im pretty sure its all from claire, thanks claire!!

from left to right: 1. gosh matte effect topcoat. i actually didnt use this today. but im really excited to. 2. nail tees? not sure why they’re called this but they are pointy qtips for removing the messy nailpolish you get all over your skin. i clearly didnt use enough. 3. opi topcoat.. its the only opi product i own! shits like 9 bucks a pop, too rich for my blood. but an awesome christmas present!!  i already got nailpolish all over it. 4. sephora nail buffer/shiner thing. nice that its all in one.  5. oh i guess this is opi too, they came in a box together. its cuticle oil that you brush on. i put it all over my whole nails. at my new hospital the hand wash gel is SOOOOO drying to my nails. my last mani was destroyed by 10 am cuz of that stuff. and my actual nails flake now. i dont understand how a hospital could use this crap, mt sinai’s never killed my nails. apparently its better on yr hands than the stuff they had before, too. yeesh.  5. nail dotting tool!  i was really excited about this.  i was probably just lazy today but i would have to say ive done an equally good job without it.

so here’s the finished product!


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i got this really awesome nail glitter for christmas…actually i bought it for myself at shoppers and gave it to my mom a month ago to give to me for christmas. anyways, i wanted to use it for my new years nails. its slate grey and pretty subtle against black nails. im hoping to get away with wearing it to work tomorrow, so i didnt want anything too crazy, even though black rhinestones would have looked cool on here too.  i did remember to use a clear basecoat this time so i hopefully wont have the same problem i had last time.  then i applied black polish, and while it was still wet i used a little piece of paper like a scoop to scoop out the sparkles from the pot and sprinkle them onto the edges of my nails, trying to gradiate the density of the sparkles from tip to cuticle. you need a clear topcoat over loose glitter so it doesnt flake off.  it is snowing like mad outside right now so hopefully i wont ruin them by shoveling the driveway later. my theory is that it takes close to 24 hours for nail polish to really set, especially when you layer basecoats and topcoats over thick colours. so i might be screwed.