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i got this really awesome nail glitter for christmas…actually i bought it for myself at shoppers and gave it to my mom a month ago to give to me for christmas. anyways, i wanted to use it for my new years nails. its slate grey and pretty subtle against black nails. im hoping to get away with wearing it to work tomorrow, so i didnt want anything too crazy, even though black rhinestones would have looked cool on here too.  i did remember to use a clear basecoat this time so i hopefully wont have the same problem i had last time.  then i applied black polish, and while it was still wet i used a little piece of paper like a scoop to scoop out the sparkles from the pot and sprinkle them onto the edges of my nails, trying to gradiate the density of the sparkles from tip to cuticle. you need a clear topcoat over loose glitter so it doesnt flake off.  it is snowing like mad outside right now so hopefully i wont ruin them by shoveling the driveway later. my theory is that it takes close to 24 hours for nail polish to really set, especially when you layer basecoats and topcoats over thick colours. so i might be screwed.


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