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so i mentioned before i got some fun new nail stuff for christmas. i used it today and thought id show you. its funny cuz you probably cant tell that i specifically used any of it.  im pretty sure its all from claire, thanks claire!!

from left to right: 1. gosh matte effect topcoat. i actually didnt use this today. but im really excited to. 2. nail tees? not sure why they’re called this but they are pointy qtips for removing the messy nailpolish you get all over your skin. i clearly didnt use enough. 3. opi topcoat.. its the only opi product i own! shits like 9 bucks a pop, too rich for my blood. but an awesome christmas present!!  i already got nailpolish all over it. 4. sephora nail buffer/shiner thing. nice that its all in one.  5. oh i guess this is opi too, they came in a box together. its cuticle oil that you brush on. i put it all over my whole nails. at my new hospital the hand wash gel is SOOOOO drying to my nails. my last mani was destroyed by 10 am cuz of that stuff. and my actual nails flake now. i dont understand how a hospital could use this crap, mt sinai’s never killed my nails. apparently its better on yr hands than the stuff they had before, too. yeesh.  5. nail dotting tool!  i was really excited about this.  i was probably just lazy today but i would have to say ive done an equally good job without it.

so here’s the finished product!


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