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hayyyy! hope everyone in the toronto area enjoyed not shoveling their driveways this morning!! >:/  so.. i got a new toy the other day!  i had been eyeing those sally hansen nail pens for a while now.. but was hesitant to try them, probably because i am cheap and if you buy a nail accessory and it sucks then its a waste of money. and they also somewhat went against my initial mantra that some nail design tools are ‘cheating’, because they take away from the skill involved in creating intricate designs with bulkier tools. i still feel that way about konad nail stamping and stickers…but even that may change. anyways i looooooove the idea of doing the china blue pattern on nails.. yknow that pattern you see on dishes and teacups and stuff? yknow like —->

so this certainly isnt a copy but it evokes the general idea. what i liked about the nail pen was that the colour is matte which looks neat against the shiny white background. you can certainly do intricate designs, but i think you have to wait a loooooooooooooong time for your background colour to dry. mine was still tacky and the pen poked holes in the white, which ended up making it look textured which was fine but if you dont want that it needs to really really dry. also because of this it was hard to draw smooth lines because the pen kept skipping, yknow what i mean?  i am def gonna get more of these pens, they’ll make outlining things in black look really nice i think.

haha.. by the time i got to the pinky on my right hand, i was basically just scribbling. mah well it was fun.  xo


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  1. Really nice nails, Kit. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new brushes or whatever.

  2. I second that!

  3. I just received all of your nail blogs. Wow, I have been tied up for hours reading about nails. The blue plate type nails seem especially nice. I don’t pay too much attention to my nails. Cole and I are going to Haliburton this weekend and we hope to hang out, maybe ski and check out real estate that we either own or have a share in, no nail painting though.


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