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these nails is so fly.  i FINALLLLLY got to use my joe fresh nailpolish in Pink that i bought like a month ago. its the perfect cute baby pink! (sidenote: i checked the bottom of the bottle to see what the actual name of the polish was, it said PINK ROSE so i wasnt sure if it was ‘pink’ and in french its ‘rose’ or if its actually called pink rose. richard said i shouldnt tell that story cuz it makes me sound kind of dumb. haha. he didnt say it in a mean way though, i asked him.) anyways i was really looking forward to using it but i was a little disappointed in the lack of pigment; i had to use like 3-4 coats to prevent streaks. not sure if i will bother getting any other joe fresh polish. i love their clothes though. anyways i was totally loving this mani and then i RUINED it by accidently getting a piece of tape stuck to the stripey and leopard nails!!! in horror, i sloooooooooowly peeled it off,  but it didnt matter it was totally destroyed. i fixed it though! richard called me just after i had ruined it and i was so upset i hung up on him. hmmmm what else.. ok i really want to tell about the glittery stars on the thumbs. ok so i desperately wanted a geometrically perfect sparkly star. but i had no star stickers i cou ld use as a stencil. i seriously pondered this one for a while, trying different approaches (hence the tape incident). i really didnt want to freehand. but with my options running out i decided i had no choice. (im building suspense here). so i ended up dipping my tiny brush in clear polish, then in my pot of loose nail glitter, then painting on the star.  it was reaaaaaaally hard not to make it look like crap!  just as i finished, rich came home and said hed been to 2 stores in town and none of them sold nail stickers. as if he went all over town looking for star stickers!!! So cute.

update from last post: NOT sold on those nails pens 😡   if you use a topcoat, it gets really weirdly streaky, but if you dont, then the colour basically wipes off within a few hours, and by day 3 the colour was completely wiped off, except for the one i used topcoat on, which looked weird and streaky. boo.


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