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sick nails for spring

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ok its not spring, or anywhere near anything resembling spring, except for the mild temperatures leading to freezing rain that threaten to ruin my awesome upcoming ski weekend..fingers crossed we get mad pow pow instead. (not happening..but fingers still crossed). anyways, i was trying to think of a design that would showcase my new matte topcoat that had been lying unopened since i got it for christmas. then…i thought of the coolest thing ever…. mix nudes with neon!!!! omg so fresh for spring!!  right??? ok its been done.  for example:

see, this girl thought of it.

this girl, too.

someone thought ALL these nudes and neons looked awesome together!!! and they were right!!

so here’s the result, with the matte topcoat over top as the icing on the cake, cuz shiny would be boring but MATTE?? LIKE THAT IS SO. FRESH.  maybe i dont get out much. or i live in deep river.

so there it is. i was so proud of myself and how edgy i was until i came home the next day and was perusing one of many of my fave nail blogs, and, STILL WEARING THIS MANICURE, i saw this…

bitch stole my look!! welp.. i guess nothing is original. this is from


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  1. yeah….but her’s wasn’t matte so it’s less cool.


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