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Monthly Archives: February 2012

valentime’s day nails

just kidding, i know it isn’t pronounced ‘valentimes’…  ok these nails are totally late. its february 16th. if this were an essay, id lose 10% per day. if this were a work document my boss would be pissed.  people have been blogging their vday nails since feb 1 so i’m a little behind but i don’t like to have deadlines. i promised i had a cool idea fr the holiday tho, so, here it is. hope everyone had a decent vday. richard bought me lovely roses, one of which i have included a pic of, super up close. then he went to hockey. no comment. anyways just have to point out that the red heart on my pinkie is totally glittery but i JUST CANNOT CAPTURE THE SPARKLY ON CAMERA. grrr. i loove the thumbs tho. well i think they all turned out, even the script on my right hand.


nude glitter

a lot of times when i tell people i have a nail blog, they’ll ask me what richard thinks of it. i guess they assume he would think its dumb or whatever, but he’s actually really supportive! he even bought me this glittery polish from sephora all by himself. its called ‘traffic stopper copper’ so i guess its copper but it looks kinda pinkish which i like. i was about to use it over a black background and then i was like WAIT!!! HOW AWESOME WOULD THIS BE AGAINST NUDE!!! and it turns out its at least 5 shades of awesome. its subtle because its nude but then its fabulous because its glittery.  i really love that this one has different sizes of glitter pieces. that’s my new standard of glitter polish i’ve must have varying sizes and/or shapes.



this one was inspired by my last mani. i thought the colour blocking looked really cool, and the black outline really accentuates the design. i think mondrian nails look really cool and the straight lines and primary colours really lend themselves well to nail art. you can find a lot of well-executed mondrian nails on the interweb. these just kind of remind me of that, but its not meant to be a reference to his paintings.  …. i also like that the colours themselves are matte and the black outline is super shiny.



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so i got my first bottle of crackle nailpolish as a gift a few days ago.  now, i never jumped on the crackle bandwagon when it first came out because i was doing more interesting things with nail design than that and i didn’t think it showed any particular creativity or skill. however, since its appearance, i’ve seen a lot of really creative ways of using it that were really neat..for instance, just applying it to the tip of your nails for a crackle-french-manicure.  i didn’t think of any of the cool ways of using it myself so thats my bad.  when i got this, i wanted to do something neat with it.. so instead of applying it over one colour, i colourblocked 3 neon shades together and applied it overtop.  in the end, the silver didnt look good with the neon (silver with neon? ok i shouldn’t have been surprised) and i decided it prlly would look totally decent with just black underneath. alas, that is not the manicure i did, so that is not the manicure i am blogging here. i love love love these 3 colours together!! (pink, orange, purple). they are all island girl polishes, all of which came from las vegas! two of them i bought myself when i was there, and one my old roomie got me when she was there. ( i love how everyone gets me nail polish as a present!!! LIKE HOW DID YOU KNOW???!!) thing about island girl is, they really do have A MILLION AMAZING COLOURS. another thing about island girl is that ALL OF THE POLISHES SUCK AND CHIP OFF IN 5 SECONDS AND BASICALLY ARE CHEAP AS SH/T. its really such a terrible shame because the colours are just so electric. so anyways, that was never the point of the mani, the point was to showcase the crackle, so on that went, and here’s the result. as usual, shimmery silver was tough to photograph, so i have some w flash and some without.

new theme!

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so claire said my theme kinda sucked, so i got a new one cuz while it didn’t suck, we can all use an upgrade now and again. i just wish you could change the colour. just pretend that its pink. sorry, i have no new nail pics to post, my nails are taking a break while they grow back.  after weeks of polishing, snow shovelling, skiing (skiing was awesome, no freezing rain, just white fluffies!!) they were mangled beyond bloggability. i even have a day off today from work and cant even bring myself to torture them futher like that, even though i have a really cute valentines day design lined up. anyways, hope you like my new theme and feel free to comment on other things you’d like to see or like to not see or any ideas you have for me.