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so claire said my theme kinda sucked, so i got a new one cuz while it didn’t suck, we can all use an upgrade now and again. i just wish you could change the colour. just pretend that its pink. sorry, i have no new nail pics to post, my nails are taking a break while they grow back.  after weeks of polishing, snow shovelling, skiing (skiing was awesome, no freezing rain, just white fluffies!!) they were mangled beyond bloggability. i even have a day off today from work and cant even bring myself to torture them futher like that, even though i have a really cute valentines day design lined up. anyways, hope you like my new theme and feel free to comment on other things you’d like to see or like to not see or any ideas you have for me.


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  1. a lovely new theme but the font colour needs to be tweaked b/c it is too close to the background colour.

  2. ooh this one is nice!
    i like that you have your valentines day nails all figured out. mine are sort of messed up after i did the uv gel nails…but they sure did last a long time.

  3. my nails have been dry since i did it in jan. but they looked AMAZING for two whole weeks. it was pricey so i’d say only worth it when i go to week long meetings. also i got tired of the color after a while.


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