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so i got my first bottle of crackle nailpolish as a gift a few days ago.  now, i never jumped on the crackle bandwagon when it first came out because i was doing more interesting things with nail design than that and i didn’t think it showed any particular creativity or skill. however, since its appearance, i’ve seen a lot of really creative ways of using it that were really neat..for instance, just applying it to the tip of your nails for a crackle-french-manicure.  i didn’t think of any of the cool ways of using it myself so thats my bad.  when i got this, i wanted to do something neat with it.. so instead of applying it over one colour, i colourblocked 3 neon shades together and applied it overtop.  in the end, the silver didnt look good with the neon (silver with neon? ok i shouldn’t have been surprised) and i decided it prlly would look totally decent with just black underneath. alas, that is not the manicure i did, so that is not the manicure i am blogging here. i love love love these 3 colours together!! (pink, orange, purple). they are all island girl polishes, all of which came from las vegas! two of them i bought myself when i was there, and one my old roomie got me when she was there. ( i love how everyone gets me nail polish as a present!!! LIKE HOW DID YOU KNOW???!!) thing about island girl is, they really do have A MILLION AMAZING COLOURS. another thing about island girl is that ALL OF THE POLISHES SUCK AND CHIP OFF IN 5 SECONDS AND BASICALLY ARE CHEAP AS SH/T. its really such a terrible shame because the colours are just so electric. so anyways, that was never the point of the mani, the point was to showcase the crackle, so on that went, and here’s the result. as usual, shimmery silver was tough to photograph, so i have some w flash and some without.


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