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nude glitter

a lot of times when i tell people i have a nail blog, they’ll ask me what richard thinks of it. i guess they assume he would think its dumb or whatever, but he’s actually really supportive! he even bought me this glittery polish from sephora all by himself. its called ‘traffic stopper copper’ so i guess its copper but it looks kinda pinkish which i like. i was about to use it over a black background and then i was like WAIT!!! HOW AWESOME WOULD THIS BE AGAINST NUDE!!! and it turns out its at least 5 shades of awesome. its subtle because its nude but then its fabulous because its glittery.  i really love that this one has different sizes of glitter pieces. that’s my new standard of glitter polish i’ve must have varying sizes and/or shapes.



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  1. love how this looks!


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