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valentime’s day nails

just kidding, i know it isn’t pronounced ‘valentimes’…  ok these nails are totally late. its february 16th. if this were an essay, id lose 10% per day. if this were a work document my boss would be pissed.  people have been blogging their vday nails since feb 1 so i’m a little behind but i don’t like to have deadlines. i promised i had a cool idea fr the holiday tho, so, here it is. hope everyone had a decent vday. richard bought me lovely roses, one of which i have included a pic of, super up close. then he went to hockey. no comment. anyways just have to point out that the red heart on my pinkie is totally glittery but i JUST CANNOT CAPTURE THE SPARKLY ON CAMERA. grrr. i loove the thumbs tho. well i think they all turned out, even the script on my right hand.


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  1. Great posting. See you are keeping Ritchie as, if not an antagonist, at least an ambiguous character. He lives in the house, but what is his role, really. Superb job on the nails, by the way – that is after all the purpose of the blog.

  2. what did it sayyyyyy?


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