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i get most of my nailpolish from drugstores, rather than beauty supply stores cuz A: its cheaper! main reason. and B: cuz deep river doesn’t have any. my friend told me that shoppers was having a nailpolish sale which was really exciting to me but we dont have one of those either so i had to wait until a trip to toronto to get my fix. Gosh is a brand ive never seen anywhere except at shoppers drug mart but they have really enticing makeup colours, and a few neat nailpolish colours. these were on sale 2 for $10 woot woot! i got this nice dark nude/brown/beige colour, and an orangey/coral, which i think is an awesome colour for right now. when you line your cuticles with it though, it kind of looks like blood when you catch it out of the corner of your eye. i wasnt hugely satisfied with this mani and i was told that it looked like my cuticles were bleeding. not a good look. incidentally, my cuticles were the worse for wear in this photo because also when i was in toronto i got a salon manicure. As is usually the case at salons they clipped my cuticles which is super gross and i totally ended up with frayed cuticles and hangnails!!! ew noooooooooo!!  like, is that a normal occurrence after having your cuticles trimmed in a manicure?? anyone?? anyways, sorry about that, they are somewhat starting to get better now. oo i also bought this sick spiky ring from topshop at the bay!! at yorkdale. i love spikes.  but yeah.. the nail framing thing is hard, the lines are kinda wonky but its a neat look with the right colours.. maybe dont frame them in red, just sayin.


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