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i bet you didn’t even know that justin bieber did a collab with nicole by opi and has a line of nail polish colours. i have no idea who decides which famous people will translate well into nail polish.  what do shrek, the muppets, jbiebs, nicki manaj and the kardashians all have in common? why, they all have their own line of nailpolish of course! why? not sure.  the purple glitter on this mani is One Less Lonely Girl. if you don’t know what the hell that means you must watch the justin bieber documentary never say never. like… you must watch it anyways, its awesome!!  the glitter went on nice and thick, lots of glitter in this formula. underneath the glitter is a purple colour by Gosh, which is a nice brand with good coverage and opacity.  these are both my buddy sheena’s, i did these while staying at her apartment while she wasn’t there.  she has a predilection for sparkly glitter polishes and i don’t, but after this i think i might invest in some more glitters.

no flash

flash. makes the glitter look sparse. it wasn't, i promise.


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  1. i don’t usually dig glitter either, but i like what you did with the purple underneath. maybe i don’t like glitter because it’s the worst ever to remove?

  2. good to know!


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