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product review!!!! sally hansen salon effects

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so i bought these nailpolish strips like a year ago, but its not like buying a bottle of polish that lasts you years; you only get a couple of wears out of one package. so i was “saving them for a special occasion” which of course never really came up.. or i always had other ideas i wanted to do w my nails and this just fell by the wayside. actually i brought them to vegas in the fall thinking they’d be super quick and i could just stick em on in the plane or something, but i opened the package on the plane and this nasty nailpolish smell wafted up, the guy sitting beside me was like “woah what is that!!” and i had to bury them in my bag so the smell wouldn’t make anyone sick.  if you open the package and don’t use them right away, they dry out and won’t work. these come with 2 separate packages, so fortunately i only wasted one. ordinarily you’d get 2 applications out of em, possibly with some leftovers. even though this pack wasn’t opened, i suspect the fact that they are like a year old may have something to do with the results.. ok so here’s the review: the set comes w a helpful tip sheet that tells you how to prepare yr nails for the strips. follow it. one thing it says is that you need to “use warm hands for max flexibility and stretch.” well i have perpetually freezing cold hands and no matter what i could not warm them up. i had to resort to getting a heating pad, wrapping my hands plus the strips in the pad, and putting them on once they seemed warmish (they never really got that warm, they are like ice cubes!) once the strips/nails were warm, the strips wrapped to the shape of the nail much much better. for warm-blooded individuals this prolly won’t be such a problem. lesson #1, NAILS MUST BE WARM. another problem i had was after you trim them to the length of yr nails, you have all this excess that is hard to trim just to the perfect shape, even using the nail file/wooden stick it comes with for just such a purpose. with nailpolish, the excess stuff on yr skin will wear off by the next day espesh if you shower. i have no idea what will happen w this stuff. it is still kinda wrapped around the tips of my nails, and feels like i have stickers on my nails which aren’t totally bonded at the tips and could catch on fabric and stuff. you can really see what i mean in the last photo, thats why i included it even though it looks shitty. if you really keep working at em you can smooth em out, which i did since that pic, but still. im wondering if these were fresher and warmer if they’d just have melded to my nails better, so i dont want to give an unfair review. the neat thing is they come in all sorts of awesome designs now.. there were christmas ones, and avril lavigne did a collab and there’s avril lavign-y ones. if that excites anyone anymore. they look really awesome but the edges are folding up a bit which makes me concerned about their longevity. i have heard other girls say they last forever. i’ll have to see about that. i already have a chip out of my pinky, i have no idea how. overall, they are shiny and smooth and the design is eye-catching, but it took me like 3 hours (with all the hand-warming prep and trying to remove all the excess) so def not a quick mani. plus the packs are like 9 dollars, you get ~2 applications, which is way more $$ per mani than a regular bottle of polish, but way less than a salon mani.  id say try it, but im not going to be making a habit of buying these.


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  1. love the design and it’s really not one that could be recreated easily with polish, so i guess it’s worth the extra trouble. 3h seems crazy to me though!

    • and i took it off today anyways, only lasted a day without chipping! i have no idea what everyones talking about, saying it lasts for like 2 weeks. maybe w topcoat? still seems unlikely.

  2. worth trying again with fresher-topcoated ones?


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