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wood grain nails

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ok so this is kind of a cheat, i didn’t actually do all ten fingers. you can pretend i did though.  i thought a wood grain mani would be awesome, but it’s not like i have all sorts of brown nailpolish to choose from. the closest i had was a dark nude, or alternatively, i had a ‘greige’ that was a really really popular nail colour in the fall. so i really just had two appropriate colours, black and dark nude. it came out a little flat, woulda been cooler if i had all sorts of shades of brown to work with. so i didn’t like this all that much and ended up taking it off after 2 nails. but i thought id take some pics and post it here to see what the response was and if maybe it was worth trying again if i ever get more woody colours. also this woulda looked better with a matte topcoat but i didn’t plan on keeping it so i didn’t get that far.  


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