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im usually really good at controlling my spending on things like fun makeup and clothes and things that i want but don’t need. i know, so boring. but lately i’ve just been giving in to every temptation whenever i see a new polish that i want. case in point, three of the colours in this mani i bought on a whim, just because they were colours i thought i should have but didn’t. usually when i want something, i will look at it for a long time, decide it’s too expensive, come back to visit it often, think about it all week, then come back and get it if i really really want it.  this is a pattern established in childhood, with a certain pair of shiny red shoes with a bow. there’s definitely a devaluing of things when you just see something you like and immediately get it. its too easy, there’s no meaning. its immediate gratification.  things are just more treasured if you had to work hard to get it.  that goes for lots of things, but in this case it goes for nail polish. the dark grey and maroon colours in this mani i pretty much just bought bc i could and didn’t even use right away, just tossed them in with all the others.  thats not how a fun purchase should be!! you should be so excited to use it right away that you use it right away. so when i got this awesome tiffany blue polish, i felt i shouldn’t let it sit in my nailpolish box forever, it needed to inspire me. so it inspired me to use my neglected new polishes, in this super awesome fun mani.  the only thing im sad about w this design is that the dark grey is too dark and you cant really appreciate that i did a gold leopard-print pattern on top of it. shoulda put that overtop the tiffany blue. ps. doesnt that colour totally look like a tiffany’s box? its called club prive but whatever, i renamed it.



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  1. i remember those red shoes with the bows!!!! you wore them endlessly!!!! (am i overdoing the exclamation marks???????????)
    rings are spectacular…

  2. love the new shade, love the leopard print, love the zebra!

  3. That is a super mani. I can’t decide which finger is my favourite.

  4. Jasmine B Lazdins

    Cait, we need some new nail blogs up this forum. I have yet another suggestion: Barnett Newman’s Voice of Fire nails. Wiki the painting – you’ll have mini multi million dollar paintings x 10!

    • hahah jas i like how your design suggestions have been getting progressively simpler, we went from intricate black and white detailed conceptual designs to 2 colours 1 stripe. i guess i have been tardy with nail design responses and didnt inspire much confidence. lol. i actually thin that would b a beautiful nail design, the colours are gorge, i know i dont have that blue…can i interchnage? what about a dark indigo..


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