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just a couple o’ quick manis here that i did for my trip down to the big smoke last week. whenever i travel i feel super busy and rushed and sometimes dont get time for nails and i’ll meet up w ppl and they’re like, what you dont have your nails done?? and then what kind of a nail blogger am i if i don’t even have mah nails did for lunch dates and stuff? so i did some solid colour manis that were real quick but cuz they involve different colours they still look interesting.  i know ombre nails are a big thing sort of, im not a huuuuge fan..yknow where one nail is dark and gets progressively lighter from thumb to pinky. this is sort of like that but i only used 2 purples and a black (then added matte topcoat). it looked like i spent some time doing something different but its not exactly mind blowing.  then when it started to chip i did an all purple mani and went shopping at joe fresh where like half the nailpolish in the store was 50% off, it was amazing. finally got some nail pens in white and black. so i added white hearts to this one and it looked cute. since my purple was 100% completely dry the pens worked really well, you just have to put it on thick.

aaand these are nails i did for my buddy while we were in the dominican and it was rainy one day.


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  1. i really like the matte effect.


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