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barnett newman voice of fire / denver broncos nails

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so far i haven’t actually done any of the nail design requests i’ve gotten. A lot of them were silly and i’d have no interest in having them on my nails (“do superbowl nails!”) and some of them i really intended to do but whenever i sat down to start i’d get distracted with another design i wanted to try. then my cousin suggested yet another fine art-inspired mani for me to do. when i google-imaged it, i realized that if i ever were to actually execute one of these fine art pieces, this would probably be the one. according to wikipedia this piece was purchased by the ottawa gallery for about 1.8 million clams. alternately, the blue and orange are pretty much the exact colours of the denver broncos, so this mani is kinda like 2 birds 1 stone.

he's a Jet now though.


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  1. c8snails – the place where nail design, fine art, and football intersect.

  2. You could do this for many sporting events. Pick your favourite team. What about Picasso nails – cubist nails??!! – he will be all the rage with his TO show.

  3. Jasmine B Lazdins

    AHHHHHHHH!!!! #1. this is hilarious, and makes me squuueeeeal with delight. AND #2. Uncle Robbie, you’re the best for suggesting that Cait curate her nail designs based on current TO gallery shows! Best fam jam ever.

  4. Nice….I like Tebow and Voice of Fire….brings me back to my public school days.


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