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Monthly Archives: May 2012

enigmatic discussion on naming the pattern of your nail designs

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sup. i saw on a blog someone called these palindrome nails, for obvious reasons.  i usually do ABBAB.  i think ABBAB makes them look nicely random but also gives order to the chaos. i hate every-other-one. i actually wasnt drawn to the palindrome pattern until i heard someone call it that, because i like palindromes and also one of my fave movies is Palindrome, or Palindromes i forget. go watch it, its cool n shit. stop watching shit like the Hangover and Inception, that garbage makes you dumber. ok ive never seen the hangover. but i suspect its retarded. ok ok since ive never seen it, lets replace the hangover with forgetting sarah marshall. if you thought that was a good movie and not an only slightly better way of spending your time than watching tmz on your tv at home in your dirty pajamas, you suck.  these nails dont suck, they’re terrific.


so, new lesson learned yesterday…. never use a topcoat as a basecoat!!! i was being lazy and i used opi quick drying topcoat as my basecoat for this mani, and by yesterday evening each of these nails had popped off as a whole, in its entirety, like they were falsies!!!  kinda convenient, they came off so perfectly i didnt have to spend any time removing them w polish remover.



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i still just love the look of polish overtop of clear nailpolish. im not sure if i mentioned this in an earlier post..but it reminds me of the sesame street character that was a little guy painted onto a clear juice cup, the song went, you cant judge a hero byyy his size, hes just a teeny little super guyyyy! remember?!?!?!?!  maybe youtube can refresh your memory..

anyway this is just stripes but it looks neat. on camera the shiny topcoat is distracting, maybe i should have done it matte.

sick neon nails

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i looooove the colours in this mani! so bright and fun. and isn’t my new neon orange/gold chain ring awesome? i think i may have a full fledged ring addiction. oh well.. complementary to my nail addiction i guess.

just sucks that when you apply a top coat it smudges the black lines. and i waited like 5 hours after i did this to do the top coat. sigh.