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enigmatic discussion on naming the pattern of your nail designs

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sup. i saw on a blog someone called these palindrome nails, for obvious reasons.  i usually do ABBAB.  i think ABBAB makes them look nicely random but also gives order to the chaos. i hate every-other-one. i actually wasnt drawn to the palindrome pattern until i heard someone call it that, because i like palindromes and also one of my fave movies is Palindrome, or Palindromes i forget. go watch it, its cool n shit. stop watching shit like the Hangover and Inception, that garbage makes you dumber. ok ive never seen the hangover. but i suspect its retarded. ok ok since ive never seen it, lets replace the hangover with forgetting sarah marshall. if you thought that was a good movie and not an only slightly better way of spending your time than watching tmz on your tv at home in your dirty pajamas, you suck.  these nails dont suck, they’re terrific.


so, new lesson learned yesterday…. never use a topcoat as a basecoat!!! i was being lazy and i used opi quick drying topcoat as my basecoat for this mani, and by yesterday evening each of these nails had popped off as a whole, in its entirety, like they were falsies!!!  kinda convenient, they came off so perfectly i didnt have to spend any time removing them w polish remover.


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  1. Great work on the nails. I actually had a wonderful response to your blog but I lost the whole thing and that pisses me off. Anyway, I like your use of pattern, an underused concept as it brings out the art in a completely different way. You see the world in patterns and intelligence it is said is the ability to utilize or understand one of the patterns used in our society: numbers, alphabet et al. I’m not sure what a palindrome is, I’ll look it up. The root “palin” brings nothing to mind, well maybe the show, “Have Gun Will Travel” from my early childhood, late fifties early sixties, look it up.


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