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PARDON MY FRENCH BUT LIKE MATTE IKAT??! i love the ikat nails Polish You Pretty and Nails by Very Emily have done. so much so that thats all i could talk about yesterday all day but i ended up not doing my nails yesterday cuz i worked nights so that only would have lasted as long as they’d take me to do them!  i woke up at two today and this is the first and only thing ive done today. this mint green is so sick i didnt even realize what i was missing until i tried this. its sephora…bday pressy from the sis. so is the coral actually.  black and white were done w stripers. and obvi the gosh matte topcoat.  so cool!  only wtf is going on with the pointer finger on my left hand. its even my left hand, so i’ve no excuse for that uglyness.  whatever 9 outta ten ain’t bad.

ps. this is the adorable cell phone cover i got on ebay!! its rilakkuma!!!! isnt he sooooooooooo cute???


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  1. Rob Morrison

    These nails really catch the eye. The green gives me a focal point and takes me back to Florida cave diving. Your eye makes its way thru the green and the black forms, in my mind a cave structure. And the underlying red and white…all cave divers know there is a monster in the cave and that is where he lives – fear and joy; risk and reward. Its all there and for me tells a story as I look at these nails.


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