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Monthly Archives: July 2012

blue jays nails

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so. its finally happened. richard finally wore me down and convinced me to do a sports-themed design. he even paid for the blue background colour in order to get me to do it!!! the blue jays logo on the thumbs turned out really awesome, and the right hand one is even better, inexplicably. i was so shaky the whole time that my forearms hurt after doing this.  i used my sally hansen nail art pens for the text. its annoying how the blue and white pens bled into each other. the jays have won every game since i did these. you’re welcome.



canada day nailsssssssssss!!!

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you may notice that these have nothing to do with canada day at all. you would be correct, of course, except for the not-insignificant detail of these having been done canada day weekend.  they are drippy drips on top of clear polish!! i mention it all the time but i just looove leaving portions of my nails blank w the picture overtop!