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i have no idea why i did bunnies and carrots and easter themed nails in august. i had been meaning to do bunnies i guess, like sine i started this blog. but its not really the most inspiring nail art out there. next!!!


yeah buddy

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these are the nail polishes that nana and serena got for me from qatar! i think..well somewhere in the UAE i guess??  these are super cool cuz they are combo polish and pens! the colour goes on thick and creamy and opaque and EXACTLY how they look in the bottle! i like these pens better than sally hansen, you dont have to press down to get the colour out, you just squeeze the bottle because its squishy plastic not glass. better control, less divots in your base colour.  i love these colours together!   the design was sort of inspired from the designs of El salonsito, i added the link on the right, have a look.  i put a matte topcoat on cuz i find shiny doesn’t photograph as well. interested to see how these new polishes hold up.

pre-matte topcoat


after a brief hiatus…

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i hate on blogs when they start with, “omg sorry its been so long since my last post!” so im TOTALLY not going to even do that. or did i.  anyways, i’ve seriously had this design in my head for months, and it turned out EXACTLY how i’d pictured it. so nice when that happens!!  beachy, sunsetty, summery ombre gradient of neon yellorange (?no really its not yellow its not orange its yellorange) to neon orange to neon pink, but island girl neon pink so that means it really looks dark orange when its on. pinorange? and then glittery gold zebra stripes overtop. this literally burns your retinas when you look at it its so bright.   i have gotten a lot of comments from people saying how awful my cuticles are, and while i agree, i still didnt cut them or anything cuz that makes them really worse, but i did wait until the next day to photograph these at least, and took a shower and washed my hair in between, and everyone knows thats the best way to remove excess messy polish from the skin around your nails.