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Monthly Archives: September 2012

bone + neon orange

this is a fabulous colour combo. combining any neon with any nude is awesome, fun, and a great way to continue using your exciting neon summer colours even though its fall soon which means you can’t really do a full on crazy neon mani anymore. or like, whatever you totally still can, no one will care, really. but lets pretend we obey certain rules of fashion and in the fall its more appropriate to wear nudes and oxblood and eggplant and, like, black and stuff.  well, its only mid september so throw on a hint of neon with your boring fall colours and enjoy the last few warm days we’re gonna have.  speaking of boring fall colours, i totally hate all proposed “new fall nail colours” this year, they’re so blah. OH WOW LOOK ITS BURGUNDY. thrilling. i think i’ll be wearing my pastels, neons, and jewel tones until christmas.