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3-D nail art! yayyyyyy. i tried really hard to order all these cool nail gem wheels from the BornPretty website but for some reason (probably a good thing) i cannot use paypal, paypal refuses to take my money. from -any- website that uses paypal. so i get around this by using richards credit card, which seems awesome but i still have to pay him back. booo. anyway i got so frustrated not being able to order my nail art supplies there i just gave up. then i was in an ardene (store for 11 year olds) and they had nail gem wheels!! yayyyy! prlly not as good as youd get from bornpretty but i guess ill never know. some of the shapes are flowers which is ugly but the stars hearts and circles i can work with.  my 3d nail art manis always end up being way more sparse than i envision them in my head. i am stingy with the nail gems. so this kinda looks like dots from far away but they’re noooooot so that’s cool. i also sprinkled on some black nail glitter but also looks way more sparse than i envisioned. oh well.  so the other thing is the colour.. this is brand new (dark) neon pink called ‘hottub’ from urban outfitters. (i told you i wasn’t going to stop wearing neon in autumn). now, im not entirely happy with it, and ive experienced it before with this colour by another brand…this colour totally looks RED when its on!!! wtf!!  it looks so fun and neon in the bottle, it just totally darkens on nails 😦  well i should have known.   ps. don’t you hATE  it when people say “i should of known” ??  OF????? of what?????  its HAVE!!!  i know i never use apostrophes or much punctuation on my blog but thats by conscious choice. its like how i never use capitals at the beginning of my sentences. its an aesthetic choice, like ee cummings. so dont come at me all, ‘well you never put apostrophes  between your contractions!!” cuz ill be all “i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”!!!!!



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  1. this was one of my favourite posts!
    do you know of a site where i can get colours from older collections? say essie, for example (which is my new fav, i love how it covers and how thick it is and how it never chips)?

    • well some colours just get discontinued, i tried really hard to get essie pink parka but only place i could find was ebay and they were like 45 bones. try ebay but if they are popular it would be hard!! try bornpretty but not sure.. really you like essie that much? i find them so watery…

      • i only have one bottle of it but its really creamy and didn’t chip for days. maybe i should try a few more before swearing by it!

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