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thanks fr coming to my nail blog!! ive been obsessed with nails for a while now and wanted to start a blog to get my musings about nails out into the open, and also to photo-document the designs i was doing, cuz some of them were super cool. a lot of my designs are inspired from those ive seen on other blogs and stuff, but i did em myself! a lot of ppl (boys espesh) think doing nails is trivial..but to me it is a legit form of art. (maybe not mine, but you should seeee some of the stuff out there!) i like that it is temporary, i think that makes a really rad design even cooler, cuz you know they are fleeting and will not last and seeing them in the moment makes it more special. or something. that is why nail art photography is very important.. but i’ll be honest, most of my early pics are not good (thanks crappy flip phone camera) and even my new pics really dont capture the majesty (as strongbad would say). seeing them in person is better, but since i now live in Deep that is not possible for most people. and unfortch, as much as i make them look (“Look!!!!”), the boys in deep arent super excited about ma nails. so hope the blog can function as a way to share my purty nail art with you !


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