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new nudes

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i didn’t mean for these to be different colours on each hand. i just ran out of the blue ones and didn’t know what else to do.


photo(33) photo(34)


candy nails

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ive done these before in blue, here they are in pastel green. looooooove this design!


photo(31) photo(32) photo(28) photo(29)

double feature: floral & leopard print

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photo 3(1)

photo 1(2)


photo 3

neon&pastel / gold butterflies

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loooove the colour combo of neon with pastels. i wore this on my birthday trip to chicago, and some girl said it was “very miami”












these are gold butterflies placed ontop of white. birthday present from claire!!   super pretty !!

SAM_0074 SAM_0079

spring nails

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Imageits april 12 and snowing out. but darn it, im doing spring nails because its supposed to be spring. i totally jacked the idea for these from a girl at work who did her nails in adorable mint-green french tips. i added a topcoat of holographic sparkle for effect.

gypsy sisters nails

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whats that show called.. my big fat gypsy wedding, and theres another one, gypsy sisters ? i was watching that one and saw the crazy girl’s nails and loved them and did mine samesies that night. this is neon pink but its hard to tell.

SAM_0010 SAM_0011gypsysisters3

nautical nails

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did these super quick, i just wanted to try this new blue colour, and do something kinda fun. you have to be careful with nautical themed nails because they easily can end up looking american-themed instead.

photo 3 photo 3(1)