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spring nails

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Imageits april 12 and snowing out. but darn it, im doing spring nails because its supposed to be spring. i totally jacked the idea for these from a girl at work who did her nails in adorable mint-green french tips. i added a topcoat of holographic sparkle for effect.



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lookit. if you are swaggy, your sh*t is monogrammed.  in my head, this logically segues into this justin bieber boyfriend dubstep remix.

hence the monogrammed and otherwise completely personalized nails. these are totally designs i’ve done before but i’d say are caitlin classics…bows, pastels, floral, 3-D bling, and leopard print. and my initials. i did each type of finger thesamebutdifferent, yknow? there must be a more articulate way of putting that…lets see…like fingers were treated with similar but complementary designs and colours.  (better?) so, pinkies and ring fingers share yellow and purple accents. thumbs are either gold background w brown spots or brown bkgrnd w Au spots. By now the dub has ended, if u kept it on for the whole song, AND IT WAS AWESOME, WASN’T IT? wish the voice wasnt all chipmunky tho, my only criticism. what were we talking about?  oh ya nails. well the floral and bling nails are identical, obvi. i momentarily lost all sense at walmart last week and got these Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers. unlike the sally hansen nail ‘stickers’ these are actually stickers and not nail polish. i read reviews online and they are total lies. they said these were good but they suck, its apparent immediately upon application. they bunch where your nail arcs and don’t stick flat. good luck washing your hair with these babies. well once they peel off ill do something else w this nail i guess. i work tomorrow so prlly wont have to worry about it for long! anyway, i don’t recommend these they suck. but they look cool for now. ok enjoy the swaggy mani i know i will!!

(ahhaahah ps. i just published this post and forgot to attach pics of the nails themselves. too into the dub n biebs)



BrAnD nEw CoLoUr!! aka product review aka ugh

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yeah.. so… i totally bought this polish on an impulse, i was at the drugstore which is the most exciting store in town, besides the lcbo i guess, and i was like, well im already here, i might as well buy some nailpolish too. makes sense. this was one of revlons BRAND NEW SHADES and i was fooled into thinking baby blue polish with pink and blue sparklies that looked like a birthday cake would translate well into a nail polish. and im also trying to be open minded about glitter polishes now. well, despite looking deceptively like a super yummy fun birthday cake in the bottle, this stuff kinda missed the mark of awesome by about 5 yards.  the baby blue base is thin thin thin, i mean, how opaque can it be if its gotta show the glitter? so i put a coat of white on underneath. to be fair, the white i have is also cheap and crappy.  then in order to make it actually look blue, i had to put on 3 coats of this stuff. not to mention there was like 1 glitter piece per brush stroke, so in order to make there be more glitter i had to keep applying and applying. it literally took like 19 hours for this to dry, i had so many layers on. OH YEAH!!! and also!!!! even with a hundred coats, i still didnt think it was glittery enough, so i ended up putting on a holographic sparkle topcoat on top!! it was like a millimetre thick. in the pic with the bottle, check out my pinkie, i had to redo that one the next day (i smudged it before the 19 hour mark in which it finally dried) and didnt bother to put on a glitter topcoat so you can see how that finger is less sparkly.  in sum, this stuff prlly wont get used much. maybe for toes. maybe for sacrifice to the nailpolish gods.